Tips on Book Marketing

15 Jan

For every upcoming author, getting your first book published and being able to not only see it in the shelves of a book store but also in people's hands is a dream come true. Many at times an author may finish a book, get it published but not make any sells. It is therefore important for the author to not only think as a creative but also as a business person in order to make sales of the book they publish.

The first thing people will notice about your book is the title. The title more often than not will determine whether people will read your book or not. It is therefore important for you to invest in a unique title that will capture the attention of the readers. Using previously used title most of the time comes out as lack of creativity therefore try using titles that are unique as this will be a crowd puller.

Other than titles, we all love books with an interesting cover at One may write an interesting story but if you cover looks boring then no one will want to flip the pages and read your story. There are various ways to ensure your cover looks interesting. Color is one of the things one can use. Using bright colors will catch people's eyes as they walk past bookshelves. You can also opt to use photographs of models as this is another thing people might be attracted to.

As we move into the digital era, most people get less interested in buying paperbacks. An author can decide to sell their book online as this will be able to reach people who claim to belong in a paperless society. Talk to your publisher about selling your book online at and how you can earn money from it.

Unless the audience hears about your book, they may not really get to buy it. You can do talk shows or have book reading sessions at your local library as this also helps to get the word out. Book signings are also a great way for the author to interact with their audience so attend as many book signings as you can to market your book. Using traditional means of communication such a print and radio is also a way to get your audience to know about your book. If doing a radio show, you can ask to be scheduled for the morning or afternoon shows as this is the time most people listen to the radio while in traffic and they will get to hear about your book. If you want to learn more about Book Marketing, visit

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